Meet Brooke,
Owner & Creative Director of
Wild Roots Floral

Hey all! Brooke here, the flower wielding girl boss behind Wild Roots Floral, a Minnesota Floral Company. 

I’m an easy-going, ripped-jeans and a t-shirt kind of girl whose #1 bucket list item is to go cage diving and see a GREAT WHITE SHARK up close!

My FAVORITE thing to do is go cross country road-tripping and camp at National Parks with my hubby Matt and my pup Penny.


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I’m a total contradiction: I love being extroverted and hosting dinner parties with my friends, but I EQUALLY love curling up on the couch alone (introverted, much?) and watching sappy chick flicks (*cough*, The Vow, *cough*).

My kryptonite? Warm, melty, homemade chocolate chips cookies. Pair that with a glass of champagne & I'll be set for life.

The true reason I started my business? Scroll below to find out.


It took a life-shattering event to make me realize this startling truth:

When my dad was diagnosed with ALS, my perspective on life got turned upside down. You can lead the perfect life and do what you’re “supposed” to do - but that doesn’t stop something like a terminal illness from showing up and rocking your world.

My life up until his diagnosis had been a series of safe choices. I had been too afraid to put myself out there, to take a risk, or pursue anything that could lead to failure. I went to college because I was supposed to. I didn’t travel because I was afraid of flying. I didn’t pursue my dream of becoming a florist because it wasn’t a “safe” career.


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My dad's diagnosis uprooted me. I knew that unless I wanted to wake up one day and realize that my life was one GIANT missed opportunity, I had to make some wild changes. 

I wanted to spend less time being busy with countless errands and MORE time laughing with my husband. I wanted to spend less money on “things” and MORE on experiencing new destinations.

I couldn’t live behind my fears any longer. I needed to take risks, to step outside of my comfort zone BEFORE I was ready (because no one is ever “ready”).

I FINALLY had the courage to become a florist! I’ve cherished every meaningful moment of this path, designing dream weddings for creative couples all over Minnesota and beyond.

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I want to honor my dad's legacy. To do that, I refuse to be held back by fear.

I want to make each and every moment count TODAY, because you might not have the same opportunity tomorrow.

So, I encourage you: Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back. Be courageous. Push yourself by trying something new and challenge yourself to go outside of your comfort zone, and you’ll experience something that most of the world won’t: happiness.


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And now? I get to help couples fulfill their floral dreams with new, fresh designs no one has seen before! Because you deserve a wedding as unique and adventurous as you are.

Are you ready to have fresh, adventurous floral designs at your wedding or event? 

My dream was on the other side of my fears!