Once you spill the details of your love story and I *happy dance* in excitement, I’ll create a vision board that’s personalized to your unique story, helping you make intentional design decisions that bring your personalities to life!

Don’t know what your floral vision is? No problem! 

You’re about to experience a
once-in-a-lifetime moment, a day memorialized forever! 


I love being extroverted and hosting dinner parties with my friends, but I EQUALLY love curling up on the couch alone (introverted, much?) and watching re-runs of Gilmore Girls.

My kryptonite? Warm, melty, homemade chocolate chip cookies. Pair that with a glass of champagne & I'll be set for life.

The true reason I started my business? Scroll below to find out.

I’m a total contradiction:

More About Brooke, Owner 
& Creative Director

Don’t worry about it! I’ll know what it means when you tell me you want those pretty coral flowers and the greyish-green leafy-stem-things.

Forget what you’re “supposed” to do - there’s no room for traditional, done-before designs here! Create the wedding that’s perfect for YOU, and bring it to life with modern, personalized, fresh floral designs!

Don't know a thing about flowers?


Heyyy! I’m Brooke, the Founder and Creative Director behind Wild Roots Floral, a Minnesota floral company. I’m an avid road-tripper, National Parks aficionado, and I do floral design differently.

About Brooke


I believe your wedding florals should be MEANINGFUL (think: flowers from the spot where he proposed or florals that represent the scenery of your FAVORITE destination that you’ve traveled to together).

And that means getting creative, daring to explore FRESH ideas, and breaking from tradition!


Designing floral arrangements is what sets my heart on fire.

It’s how you show someone you care for them, it brings life to any room, it’s an art form that can be personalized to your story and tailored to your personality! But the true reason I started my business?

"Hiring Brooke from Wild Roots Floral was one of the best decisions we made! "

-John & Megan

"Meeting Brooke in person to plan our flowers was one of our favorite parts of wedding planning!"

-Mara & Scott

"She made my wedding day floral vision come to life."

-Jenna & Brian

"The florals were true works of art - absolutely gorgeous!"

-Cameron & Tia Photography

My name is ____________________ and my wedding date is ____________

You can reach me at _______________
 or _____________________.

You should also know: 

My name is ____________________ and my wedding date is ____________

You can get in touch with me at ____________________ or _____________________.

You should also know: 

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